Dawn Celeste LLC

Strategy + Design

Strategy + Design

Strategy + Design

Dawn helps business leaders — both for profit and non-profit — develop strategy and design organizations using The S+EP™ (Strategy plus Execution Process). The organizations’ busines model, missions, focus and people change, but the process remains the same.

I believe in:

  1. Listening to you and the voices and data inside and outside of your organization

  2. Asking good questions and seeking information, knowledge and dissenting opinions in a safe environment

  3. Collaborating with you, your team, and experts

  4. Articulating priorities

  5. Setting goals and metrics and measuring progress

  6. Creating roadmaps

  7. Solving problems and seeing possibilities along the way

  8. Adjusting as progress is made


Dawn has been outstanding about cutting to the chase and asking me the “Why are we here?” question.
— Mike Meyer, Chairman of the Board

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