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Real-Life Leadership Training

A practical approach that equips leaders with the leadership mindset and skill set to REALLY lead.

Our Approach to Leadership Training is Different

Real-Life Leadership emphasizes practical, real-life issues that pay dividends in performance. We focus on “equipping” not “training.” Everything we do is intended to be believed, understood, and implemented. Our Heart | Head | Hands philosophy guides all of our programs.

We use a “flipped classroom” methodology, in which content is absorbed prior to a workshop via short, self-paced videos, so workshops focus on practice and utilization of the skills and concepts. 

We also believe in “drip irrigation” knowledge transfer and "loop learning". This means we provide smaller, bite-sized concepts to be understood and utilized. We do this by exposing leaders to content one module at a time, giving them time to absorb, understand, and apply before moving to the next topic. Throughout the program, we "loop" back to ensure previous concepts and key learning points are reviewed and considered. 

The Real-Life Leadership series is twelve 90-minute modules — listed to the right — that can be customized for your organization (e.g. 6 3-hour sessions). Dawn has been a certified Real-Life Leadership Facilitator and Coach since 2018 and looks forward to working with you to tailor the program to meet your needs!


The Modules

  • Setting the Stage: Omni-Dimensional Leadership

  • Owning Time

  • Understanding People

  • Protecting and Respecting

  • Charting the Course

  • Selecting People

  • Getting Stuff Done

  • Maximizing Results

  • Embracing Conflict

  • Getting Change to Stick

  • Developing People

  • Integrating the Leadership Mindset

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