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The first step.

The first step is often the hardest to take.

I have the silver bullet and secret sauce and perfect process for you to use to transform yourself and your business…OK, that’s not true. Bad news, there is no secret sauce or magic formula or perfect process. There is, however, one element that is absolutely required whether you’re hoping to better manage your business and improve efficiency or leapfrog and disrupt and build new revenue streams.

The good news is that everyone can do this. The bad news is that it’s not easy. The one common denominator among the millions of strategy and execution frameworks and methodologies is DISCIPLINE. Buzzkill? Yep. I know. I was bummed, too, and energized. Why? There is no magic or perfect process. But articulating where you want to go and taking the first step is often the biggest hurdle.

The “magic” comes from combining what makes sense of the 358,000,000 strategy frameworks and likely bazillions - a very big number - of financial models and culture assessments and operations process analysis approaches to create what works for you and your organization. That’s where I can help.

So, I wrote down the process that I’ve used to help organizations, leaders and friends over the last 25 years. My strategy plus (+) execution process – named The S+ep™ -- isn’t rocket science, but it does follow a path. Its rigor comes in the form of listening to all stakeholders, seeing the current state clearly, understanding the numbers, articulating desired identity and creating a roadmap to make it happen. Learn more about The S+ep.

What's your secret for making things happen?

I look forward to hearing from you.