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There are no little things.

There are no little things. A great example happened to Brooke and me last Tuesday.  We went to Taekwondo at 4:00 p.m. Class is at 4 o'clock on Tuesdays...normally. We were there early (way to go us!). We opened the door and the place was empty. Hmmm...? Then Mr. Hubbard walked through the studio door in his street clothes with window cleaning supplies in hand. He looked at me and said, "Brooke's class is at 5 o'clock today." 

Really? I was so frustrated with myself and I didn't try to hide it. "Dawn Celeste!" I said loudly. Dawn Celeste is the name of my business (my tagline is Inspring what's next.), but my tone and attitude were nothing that would "inspire" anything!

What happened next was the brilliance. Justin (aka Mr. Hubbard) looked me in the eyes and shared his empathy. No words needed. And he didn't tell me about the 14 emails I'm sure I received with the new time. Nope. He said simply, "Hope to see you at 5. And I'm sorry." He's sorry that I didn't read my emails from him? Wow. There are no little things.  And sometimes the little things -- like looking someone in the eyes and showing you care -- make a big difference. 

What little thing has someone done for you that made a difference? I'd love to hear from you in the comments.