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How Intersections got its name.

The separation of personal/professional and strategy/execution was the first intersection opportunity I noticed, but – like a dripping faucet – once I was tuned in, it was impossible not to see them almost everywhere. Intersections I immediately noticed which are relevant to my life include: 

intersections word cloud


I see intersections all around me. Unnaturally divorcing and compartmentalizing life is frustrating to me and I didn’t uncover my cognitive and heartfelt dissonance until I paused. It was at this moment I realized the power of intersections and named my blog.

First, let’s look at business strategy.  

Business Strategy. Business (or Strategic) management is the art, science and craft of formulating, implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that will enable an organization to achieve its long-term objectives. - Wikibooks July 2017

I really like how this definition is succinct and clear and contains the art/science intersection in the first five words! Perhaps this contributes to why I love this work so much?

So, the name of my blog is Intersections. And my company, Dawn Celeste LLC, is a strategy execution firm. This blog is for leaders that are all in and want to take their organizations to the next level. It’s also for individuals that want to take their lives to a different place. Intersections is my way of saying I don’t believe that the forced separations between personal and professional, strategic and tactical, art and science, and all the rest are always beneficial. I’m learning – and I hope you are, too – to appreciate, live in, and explore intersections.

Are you up for a challenge for the next three days? Let’s see if we can allow either/or thinking to give way to a what if/and mindset more often. To do this, let’s muster up the strength to look and listen to and to find and explore the intersections. For the next three days, be on the lookout for obvious and not-so-obvious intersections. Jot them down in a journal, in your cell phone, or on post-it notes and post your comments below now or after your three-day observation.  

I look forward to hearing from you.