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Recipe for A Healthy Soul.

Some weeks my blog idea makes me queasy. The off-balance feeling happens when I have something to share, yet I question if my perspective would interest others. This time I’m going to take the advice I regularly give to clients: Don’t overthink, don’t underestimate, and just try it.

Welcome to my blog on key ingredients for a healthy soul. No light-hearted Intersections topics this week! I have a few ideas to share, but my primary goal is to inspire you to share your list of ingredients with me. Then I will aggregate them to create the Healthy Soul Ingredients List authored by all of us. Can we do it? Let’s try!

Soul. Probably not a word that would get a lot of results in business book searches, but our life work stems from it. I’ll start by sharing my definition and a few things I believe are key ingredients to a healthy soul. Then it’s your turn.

Let’s start with a definition. Soul is a very expansive word and means who you are, how you feel, and why you exist. I often use heart or gut to describe the times when these deep feelings rise to my conscious. There is nothing more personal or vulnerable than sharing your soul with another.

Here’s my short list of healthy soul ingredients to get us started. Read it and be preparing to reply to me (dawn@dawnceleste.com, text 913.333.0227, or comment below) to add your ingredients to the list!

Forgive. Holding grudges drags us down. Look pain and hurt in the eyes and dig deep and work to forgive.  

Be transparent. The most important person to be honest with is yourself. It’s easier said than done.

You be you. Comparing yourself with others can be a slippery slope into emptiness. Know what brings you joy, what is effortless and valuable that you can provide, and own it. Be it. Dare to dream. Let the design of what is uniquely you shine. 

Open up. It’s safer to stay closed. Take a risk and dare to open up with those you hold dear. Are you willing to be vulnerable and share your soul when it can help others?

Have friends. The real deal kind of friends. The kind of friends that know all about you … and love you anyway. If you don’t have these kinds of friends, find them.

Ask for help. It’s fun to think that you can do everything on your own. Truth is, you can’t. Joy and fullness of life comes when you realize the power (and fun!) of working with others to produce things that aren’t possible alone.

These are my ingredients. Now it’s your turn. My goal is to get at least 20 more ingredients. Help!

What ingredients would you add to this list? Comment below or email me. Ready, set, GO!

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