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Underestimating effortless.

We underestimate the value of things that are easy for us. I think we all do it. If it flows naturally for us we assume it is the same way for others. It’s not. I was reminded of this when having coffee with a friend.

Kari is a gifted graphic designer. The other day I asked her how long a project would take and she said, “Oh, not long. This is so easy for me. It’s like playing.” Like playing? How cool is that? This is playing to our strengths!

It took a while – quite a while – for me to appreciate that things that are easy for me are not easy for everyone. And things that are easy for others aren’t even in my skill set. I appreciate this more and more each day. I appreciate others’ talents and my own.

Do you need a clear direction for yourself and your company and a roadmap to make that happen? Yep. Call me. Love that work. It’s hard and it’s fun and it’s complex. Do you need a new brand identity? Don’t call me, call Kari.  

Have you been in a spot where what you’re doing is easy – the good easy? There’s the bad easy, too. It’s the mundane and eye-roll kind of easy. The “why am I spending my time doing this?” kind of easy that – without larger meaning and purpose – quickly leads to frustration. So, why is it that sometimes when we’re doing those tasks – we all have them – they are a means to an end and sometimes they’re just dull drum and monotonous? I think the reason – thanks, Simon Sinek – is the why. If I’m updating my client records so that I can grow Dawn Celeste LLC into the best strategy execution firm in the world (hands down), I’m happy to make sure that my phone numbers are all formatted the same way. Do you know how satisfied an immaculate client records database makes me? Giddy. Yes, I’m weird. But it’s easy for me and it’s going toward a bigger meaning, purpose, and goal.

Easy is OK. What’s easy for you? For me, it’s dreaming and articulating that dream and mapping out how to make it happen. It’s also leaning into the chaos and complexity and staying there until the answer presents itself or we make it up. It’s taking risks. It’s taking on a challenge. It’s easy and I can’t imagine life without it. I just can’t.

And Kari can’t imagine what it would be like to have design not be easy. It’s one of her many gifts.

Don’t underestimate easy. Easy for you is not easy for everyone. Embrace your easy and let yourself enjoy it. That’s what I’ve decided to do. Thrilled to share that Dawn Celeste LLC is helping clients with what’s next and looking forward to working with more leaders and organizations in 2018.

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the easy.