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Antidotes for doubt.

Do you ever wonder if you have what it takes? Have you been in the middle of something and started to doubt yourself? I have. And at those times a simple formula works for me. It's two words: effort and attitude. I check in with myself to see how I'm feeling in both areas. Am I giving it my all looking to all potential sources of inspiration, learning, or asking for help? Am I curious and caring and not simply “getting it done"? When self-doubt creeps in, usually one of these two things (attitude or effort) is off center. Recognizing it is key. Then I pause, step back, and adjust.

Doubt: a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction. Is there a connection between the feeling of uncertainty and lack of conviction? I’d update the definition and replace “or” with “which sometimes leads to”. The Dawn Celeste LLC definition reads: a feeling of uncertainty which sometimes leads to a lack of conviction.

The article titled The virtues of doubting yourself by Ozan Varol shares an interesting perspective of doubt and its role in breakthrough thinking. It’s well worth 3 minutes.  Doubt in and of itself isn’t negative. But doubt in such high doses that it paralyzes your mind, body, and spirit? That’s nasty. Varol mentions that doubt can be a positive and I agree. Doubt fuels me to try harder and stretch beyond where I've been before. 

The final statement in the article will wrap up this post:

“The next time you start to feel doubt creeping in, resist the tendency to reject it. Embrace it. In a world filled with know-it-alls, you’ll stand out, and in a good way.” - Ozan Varol

What antidotes do you turn to in times of doubt? I look forward to hearing from you.