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Is this your alarm clock?

I wrote a post about crucibles. Crucible is defined as a situation of severe trial or in which different elements interact, leading to the creation of something new. A severe test (dictionary.com, 2018).

The gist was we all have trying times and we often come through them stronger. The post was raw and heartfelt. I believe that adversity in life can make you stronger, but the post didn’t give out a positive vibe. It was a huge downer! I set it aside. The time wasn’t right for crucibles.

Then a book introduced a term that was lighter, easier to connect with, and – big bonus – didn’t require a trip to dictionary.com! The new phrase – alarm clock moments - is thanks to Tasha Eurich’s book, Insights. Eurich uses alarm clock moments to describe three sources of self-insights.

Alarm clock moments: situations and events that open our eyes to new self-insights

            New roles or rules: (things that stretch us outside our comfort zone)

            Earthquake events: (acute events that shake us to our core)

            Everyday insights: (seeing our behaviors in a new light)

Eurich, Insights, p. 42, Currency 2017.

It then dawned on me why my crucibles piece didn’t feel right. It wasn’t sitting well with me because it wasn’t balanced. It had too much zig for its zag, ying for its yang, blue in its beach ball…you get the point. It mentioned one of three sources for insight without mention of the others. I had left out 2/3 of the equation. I was zeroing in on one of the three sources of these “ah has” without consideration or mention of the other sources of insight as defined by Eurich.

I picked Earthquake Events -- the most dramatic and often negative/hurtful/harmful of the three. Definition is acute events that shake us to our core. No wonder the blog was a bit melancholy! I was forgetting the day-to-day insights and the growth that happens when we push the limits / push out the edge to try new things.

My blog needed to put the crucibles in perspective and Tasha’s term, alarm clock moments, was the phrase I needed to give crucibles context. This is the right balance. Two positives to a negative.

I’m happy to share my crucible thoughts now placed in the context of one of three sources of insight. Here's my perspective of -- the newly named -- Earthquake events.

Earthquake events by Dawn Zerbs

Things are moving ahead wonderfully

You and those you love are in a good spot

All is fine

Then it happens

It is never a happy, easy thing

It is a big mistake or a jolting wake-up call

You wonder if things will ever be the same

You can’t see light anywhere

Gradually, and then suddenly you move forward

New life and growth and strength that didn’t exist before it emerge

Damn earthquake.

When have you discovered self-insight from a new challenge, everyday stuff, or an earthquake? I look forward to hearing from you.