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Artificial divide.

Let’s start with the end in mind. Want to get stuff done? Move things forward? Get to someplace that is different than today? Your Next Level? If yes, read on. If no, no worries and please get in touch so I can interview you and learn how you did it! I’m not kidding. If you're living your Next Level today, I want to hear your story.

This blog is for people that have an idea where they want to go but aren’t getting there as quickly as they’d like or perhaps not making any progress at all. It happens to us all. In the legal industry – and really everywhere – the day-to-day realities are referred to as the “daily whirlwind." It’s the day-to-day stuff that we all do. Then, we get to the next day and realize that the stuff we did didn’t move us closer to our long-term goals. I’m not going to tell you that you’re bad. You’re not. This is life. This is Regular. And I’d love to help you blend the Regular and the Next Level.

There are a lot of "strategy” resources. I did a quick search and came up with 915,000,000 results. I decided to try again to try to make my point – but not quite so dramatically – and searched for “strategy framework” and that returned 358,000,000. So, I’ll go with that number. Over my career I have had the opportunity to see many terrific strategy frameworks. From my perspective, any plan can work as long as you have figured out how to intersect that plan – that Next Level – with what your reality looks like – your Regular. This is where most plans – and people – fall flat on their face.

The rubber meets the road when this strategy analysis, framework, or cool theory meets the real world. Not the perfect people that fill the boxes on the org chart that are just terrific and perfectly fill every responsibility of their perfectly crafted roles and work terrifically as a team. Not those people. But the real people on your team who – and I dare say – have more potential and more to add to your business than the “perfect people” you might dream about.

The thinking/doing gap is the divide that I want to fill and why I started Dawn Celeste LLC. How can we move from either/or to and thinking?  How can we work together to bridge the gap between the many specialty areas to provide a company-wide and holistic approach to growth?

How do you think about your Next Level? What first step could you take tomorrow to move in that direction?

I look forward to hearing from you.