Dawn Celeste LLC

Inspiring what's next

The story of Dawn Celeste, our guiding principles, and bedrock values.

inspiring what’s next

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After an alarm clock moment in 2016, I did some soul searching and — with the encouragement of my husband, Rick — decided to take a big risk and start my own business.

I’d heard about how difficult it was to name a business and didn’t want to get caught up in that process. I wanted to devote my energy to defining my business and decided I’d name it next. So, I used my first and middle name to fill out the LLC paperwork fully planning to do a dba when I came up with the “real name” for my business.

Then I met Kari Harper, graphic designer, and Jessi Bixler, digital strategist. We worked together to create my business identity and purpose. It was during this process I realized Dawn Celeste was more than my given name, it was also going to be the name of my business!

I knew I wanted to do more than create binders that sat on shelves. I wanted to help people get the right stuff done and see results. So I started using the term Strategy Execution Consulting. Now, I share my services in the language clients use. I help in three ways: strategy and planning, leadership coaching, and change management.

It’s important to note the strategy and planning work I do is for all businesses -- small, large, profits, and non-profits. I started my career in the non-profit sector and always dreamed of using my education and experience to help the non-profit world. Dreams do come true.

It’s pretty cool and pretty impossible not to be all in when your name is — literally — on everything you do. I love these high stakes.

I’ve listed the Dawn Celeste LLC client criteria, secret to success, core principles, and values.

Client criteria — desire, energy, and humility.

My secret sauce — listening and its power.

Core principles — be clear. all in. choose kind.

Bedrock values — justice and love.

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.
— Albert Einstein