Dawn Celeste LLC

Graphic Standards

Graphic Standards


4-color logo

All uses of the Dawn Celeste LLC logo must be approved by Dawn Zerbs or Dawn Celeste LLC marketing agent.

The logo may be utilized with or without the tagline. 

Font: Scriptina
Tagline Font: Mongolian Baiti

logo colors.png

reverse-out /b&W logo / grayscale

The black and white logo or grayscale logo may be utilized for B/W printing, or can be used against a colored background. The reverse-out logo can be utilized for printing and promotional materials that require a dark background. 

alt logos.png


The flourish may be utilized as a standalone design element and can be used with or without the tagline.

flourish_with tagline.png

accent colors

Accent colors may be utilized in text, graphics, and as a background color. 

Accent colors_FULL.png

fonts & tagline

fonts for digital graphic standards_brown.png

Header Font: Gadugi and Gadugi Bold
The header fonts may be used for headers and accent text.

Body Font: Mongolian Baiti
The body font is intended to be the primary font utilized in marketing materials and correspondance. 

Logo Font: Scriptina
The logo font may be used as an accent font or for textual call-outs.

Tagline: Inspiring what’s next. [TM]
The tagline may be used on its own or in conjunction with the Dawn Celeste LLC logo. 



Natural and man-made textures may be utilized for web, print, and other promotional uses. Textures may be utilized as direct imagery or as faded backgrounds. 

quote for digital.png

quote treatment

Quotation marks: Scriptina   [4xs the size of the body text]

First letter: Scriptina   [4xs the size of the body text]

Body text: Mongolian Baiti

Speaker: Scriptina   [Same size as the body text]



Name: David
Gender: Male
Title: CEO
Business Sector: Private Professional or Financial Services Firm
Company Employee Size: 100-500

David’s company has experienced tremendous growth over his tenure. In order to build a sustainable business model he needs help turning his vision into an actionable plan. He isn’t interested in the status quo but rather what’s next to propel his company over the next milestone. His colleagues consider him to have a high level of humility and discipline, but also a strong desire to do more of what works well. He is action oriented, practical and expects results. David has been burned by “executive coaches” in the past but he recognizes that the financial impact of hiring an outside strategist is much lower risk than a full-time employee. He is comfortable with setting big, audacious goals and can be counted on to see them to fruition. 

Name: Patti
Gender: Female
Title: Executive Director
Business Sector: Local (Kansas City area) Non-Profit
Company Employee Size: 10-100

Patti has led her company through steady growth over the last few years but she realizes if she continues doing the same thing growth will become stagnant. While the board of directors recognizes her as a valuable asset to the company, they also recognize she has a limited bandwidth and needs help balancing the long-term and day-to-day requirements of running the business. She needs gentle encouragement to “let go” of the day to day and build. She has a pulse and appreciation for academia but often gets frustrated and overwhelmed with how to apply this to everyday. The board of directors wants to hire an outside party to work directly with Patti to establish the 1-3 priorities for the company for the next 2-5 years. Once there is a plan in place, Patti is committed and will ensure all the boxes are checked. She is a true leader and will hold employees to the established structure, strategy, process and overall business model. She’ll need smaller action items in between the larger goal in order to execute. 



Power keywords...
Guide the leap from now to next / Fresh perspective / Start where you are / Future-driven, fact-informed / Holistic, realistic and inspired future

Additional keywords...
Work with leaders, teams and organizations / Win / Immersion / Imagination / Design thinking / Systems thinking / Holistic / Pivot / Play / Dream / Innovate / Human / Grow / Help / Bold / Courageous / Next level / Together / Future / Practical / Real-life / Fast / Speed / Align / Simple / World-class / Work / Critical moments / Data + design / Journey / Accelerate / Creative / Pilot / Experiment / Fail fast / Experiences / Change / Transform / Advisory / Powerful / Strateg / Change / Transform / Advisory / Powerful / Strategy